NCTE Membership

The National Coalition for Transplant Equity’s success comes from its members. Learn more about our Organizational and Patient Memberships.


organizational membership

All significant decisions related to NCTE priorities, strategies, or activities are to be determined by consensus of the members, who are invited to participate in regular planning calls to coordinate efforts and activities. As part of the Coalition, members are invited to participate in policy meetings and briefings with Administration officials and Members of Congress as issues warrant. Further, members receive frequent email updates regarding Coalition activities, relevant policy developments, and news reports related to liver transplantation. Members also have direct access to Coalition staff at the Washington-based health policy firm Wynne Health Group, who are at their disposal for individualized counsel.

In addition to supporting the Coalition's extensive advocacy efforts with Washington policymakers and the broader health care community, many members also find considerable value in receiving Wynne Health Group’s regularized health policy updates and analysis, which is provided as an additional benefit.   

If you are interested in learning more about membership, please contact the Coalition’s Executive Director, Billy Wynne who can provide additional information.


patient membership

The voice of patients who have first-hand experience with organ transplants is essential to helping policymakers understand the real-world impacts of improving the system for organ allocation. The National Coalition for Transplant Equity (NCTE) offers membership for patients who support the organization's mission of reforming the current organ distribution system. 

Patient members of NCTE will have the opportunity to support the Coalition's advocacy efforts.  This could include offering testimonials, submitting letters to their legislators, speaking with members of the press, engaging on social media, and other activities to further the mission of the Coalition.

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