About NCTE


Our Mission

The mission of NCTE is to:
Improve equity in organ distribution for transplant;
Ensure the prioritization of patients with the highest medical need; and
Reduce patient acuity at time of transplant and waitlist-related deaths.

NCTE fulfills this mission by: mobilizing and coordinating the efforts of stakeholders to maximize impact; educating the public and policymakers regarding the needs of organ transplant patients and potential solutions; and advocating for and defending policies that support robust, equitable allocation of organs for transplant patients nationwide.

Who We Are

The National Coalition for Transplant Equity (NCTE) is an alliance of patient advocates, organ procurement organizations, transplant centers, and other stakeholders dedicated to improving and protecting patient access to organs for transplant nationwide. NCTE advances policies that reduce geographic disparities in wait times, patient acuity at time of transplant, and organ failure-related deaths. In particular, NCTE is a proud advocate for the latest OPTN/UNOS decision to adopt the “Acuity Model” for organ distribution, which will reduce the average sickness of patients at the time of transplant, reduce costs to the system, and, most importantly, save lives.

Why It Matters

In adopting the “Acuity Model,” OPTN has rightfully steered the nation’s liver allocation system toward reforms that will substantially reduce geographic disparities and improve patient equity. The previous system of organ distribution created “winner and loser” regions across the country, entrenching support for the status quo in many areas. But, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing’s (UNOS) concept paper Redesigning Liver Distribution to Reduce Variation in Access to Liver Transplantation, hundreds of lives could be saved every year by the new model. Opponents that seek to block the enactment of this policy would jeopardize this shift to equitable organ access and put patients’ lives at risk. NCTE exists to defend and uphold OPTN’s policy reform and continue towards a system that broadens access to life-saving transplantations in all regions of the country.
The journey will be an uphill one, but it is not insurmountable. We can do this. And with your help, we will.